Skiing Common Mistakes

Skiing is for everyone. It is a physical sport that requires a lot of skills and practice. A lot of skiers, newbie and pro, sometimes commit mistakes while they are skiing.  These mistakes should not be overlooked; accidents might happen when the right way of executing ski moves is not followed.

Leaning Back

Leaning back is most likely one of the most common mistakes ski beginners do. When you feel scared with the inclination of the slope and the pace of your drive, your body’s reaction is to lean back in. Leaning back means you are not giving the needed pressure at the front of the ski boots and when it happens, you tend to lose control of the ski ride.

Not Leaning Far Enough

Not leaning far enough is another blunder that you should watch out for. Right positioning should be observed while skiing at all times. If your body’s weight is not properly shifted, it causes an issue with how you manoeuvre. If you desire a swift and diverse effect on your skiing, you really need to get your body weight above the right place and do not be self conscious about it.

Holding the poles incorrectly

Holding the poles incorrectly is the most common rookie mistake of all time. Some skiers tend to position the poles all over the place, what they need to do is point the pole backwards and the arms should be in front. Another reminder, it is a must that you should hold the poles above the snow.

Keeping eyes on the ski

If you want to learn and master the sport of skiing, you have to know that looking at your ski while skiing wouldn’t help with your navigation. It is imperative that you look at the way you are going. Focusing your eyes on what is in front of you helps you to be more alert on what is going to be your next move.

Not choosing the appropriate ski resort

When you are a ski beginner, be sure to start practicing in a newbie-friendly ski resort. Put in mind that not all slopes are for you. There are beginner ski resorts available in Geneva like the Meribel and Avoriaz ski resort that offers ski area that are suitable for a newbie. You just have to get to a Geneva to Meribel transfer service to get there.

Letting the fear win

Skiing is a physical sport but it also requires you to be psychologically ready and equipped. When it is your first time to ski, it feels like as if you will be thrown out on the snow. Preparing your body and mind before going on a ski holiday, helps a lot.

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